Partners in Growth

To further enhance the eSLACC logo (1)normous trade potential through facilitation of bi-lateral trade relations between the two countries, the Sri Lanka and Australia Chamber of Commerce (SLACC) was established in March 2015. We are the first, and only such body constituted in Australia, to foster commercial trade and dialogue between Sri Lankan and Australian businesses. We aim to work closely with other trade organizations, government bodies and non-governmental organizations dedicated to promoting greater cooperation and collaboration between our two countries in all trade related matters. In the coming months we intend to play a pivotal role in showcasing potential business opportunities to our constituent business communities via an active calendar of events to be held in both Sri Lanka and Australia.

By fostering a close relationship between the two countries, via public and private sector engagement SLACC aims to increase trade and profitability between Sri Lanka and Australia. SLACC will endeavor to provide guidance and support to businesses wishing to establish, grow and expand their presence in the two markets.

Sri Lankan and Australian bilateral relations are founded on our shared history of cooperation in areas such as education, trade and investment, sport, culture and development, and via our Commonwealth links. Our common interests in security and sustainable development of the Indian Ocean region further cements our mutual interest in the economic development of the region. Both Sri Lanka and Australia recognize that working with regional partners is crucial to both countries’ continued growth and wellbeing.

Sri Lankan Australians

Sri Lankan Australians are the 12th largest ethnic group in Australia, with a majority of them residing in the city of Melbourne followed by Sydney. Fewer than 20% are estimated to live outside New South Wales and Victoria. Sri Lankans are a vibrant and active community in Australia with a fairly high rate of assimilation. Sri Lankan restaurants are now a popular feature in shopping areas around Melbourne, Hawthorn, Brunswick, Northcote and Dandenong. Sri Lankan Australian chefs like Peter Kuruvita (of Flying Fish fame) and Kumar Pereira (of MasterChef Australia fame) have successfully fused Sri Lankan and Australian flavors to create fine dining menus that bring out the best of both worlds.

Sri Lankan Australian media is growing with newspapers, television and radio stations broadcasting cultural programs. Sri Lankans have also established Buddhist and Hindu temples in all major Australian cities.


 Sri LankaAustralia
GDPUS$1.6 billion (2014)US$1.56 trillion (2013)
Population20.8 million (2013)23.7 million (2013)
Official LanguageEnglish, Sinhala & TamilEnglish
Exports to Australia / Sri LankaA$ 171 millionA$ 218 million


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